Excalibur Metal Design is an Idaho based metal design and fabrication company specializing in the creation of custom interior and exterior elements made from high quality and decorative steel.

We design and manufacture products ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Arbors
  • Gates
  • Railings

At Excalibur, we take pride in designing and fabricating premium products. Products that will not only last generations but look will great in any home.

Every opportunity to design and fabricate original products for our customers is exciting; we strive not only to fulfill the need for high quality products, but to build products that our customers will be proud of.

We enjoy what we do and aim to ensure our customers are happy with their experience in letting us help to create something unique for them.

Going Green!

Too many furniture products made today are considered consumable in that they will end up in the land fill in just a few years. At Excalibur Metal Design, we do our part by building quality products that will be passed down from generation to generation: this means that in 50 years the products that we fabricate for your family will have the same outlasting quality and usability as it does today.

Since we ourselves are a local company, we strive to use local suppliers in all areas we can. We also appreciate the opportunities we have had to work alongside many of the Treasure Valley’s premier home builders.

For an entire project from design and fabrication to installation, we service all of Idaho and our close neighbors. However, we also offer design, fabrication and shipping services for the rest of the continental United States.

Want to work with us?